Monday, 17 October 2011


I started by scanning in an idea I came up with in the studio.
I selected the part of the page I liked most and cut them out. I then selected them and copied them and duplicated them numerous times.

 As you can see from the amount of layers I have you can see i duplicated the image over and over to fill a circle. I like this texture it have created.

I then decided to create a semicolon out of semicolons. Zoomed out this creates a even better texture however i don't like the colour.

By changing the hue and saturation it has completely changed the image, I then decided give the giant semicolon the '3D look' by simply placing a black semicolon behind slightly right of the other semicolon.

Obviously there is more processes in between this and experimentation however that can all be found in my journal.


I am a huge fan of Halloween, I think its because I have watched to many films but I do love to dress up and its the only time of the year that nobody asks why are you dressed up? I love doing the typical Halloween make up and over the years I have taught myself how to do different techniques. This year, I am taking the theatrical approach. My dad works at Sainsbury’s and last year I did his make up for work, as he had to dress up. The response he got was amazing, mums would come up to him and ask how he did his make up and can I do there son's or daughter's like that for Halloween? This year the company is dishing out prizes for the best/scariest costume. Which gives me a good motive to do all out. Self-teaching is a slow process and all about trail and error however once you learn a skill you never forget it. With help from Youtube and my own imagination I am going to learn the art of cuts and bruises and the ‘zombifi’ my dad for work. Obviously it’s got to be practical for a working environment and not spoil through the day. Also as I work at Thorntons and we also get to dress up on Halloween I will also be rocking the zombie look aswell.